5 Technology Products Driving Digital Transformation
technology products

Digital transformation is going strong and has become a boost for more technology products to be applied in the management and business activities. These products have somewhat changed the operating model and management work of organizations, contributing to creating positive impacts on corporate culture, typically the following software:

Accounting software

Accounting is one of the important departments that cannot be missed in businesses. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises still encounter many difficulties in operation because they have not applied accounting software to their processes. So how has accounting software helped organizations and businesses change positively?
  • Most operations are automated, and accountants do not need to calculate and process invoices manually. In addition, the software supports searching for invoices, documents, and reconciling errors quickly and accurately, saving time and increasing work efficiency.
  • Savings related costs such as printing documents, auditing, traveling between the business and banks, etc.
  • Reducing the document loss rate and increasing security compared to traditional management methods.

Online meeting software

After a long period of being affected by COVID-19 and along with the strong development of technological products, online meetings have become more popular than ever. This trend has contributed significantly to changing the operating methods in some organizations and businesses when you can participate in meetings anywhere, with any device, making this work more flexible than ever.
Some outstanding advantages when using online meeting software: easy connection of participants in many different places, easy sharing of documents, saving preparation costs, and especially making everything more punctual.

Task management software

The digital transformation trend has made businesses increasingly interested in digitalizing management processes, as evidenced by more businesses using software to track, divide, and allocate work. This not only makes project management processes easier but also helps increase connection and reliability between departments and employees by using a shared task management platform. Some popular task management software today: JIRA, Asana, Trello, Clickup,…

Technology Products

Automation products for recruitment processes

These technologies allow businesses to accelerate the recruitment process by eliminating unnecessary steps and supporting the improvement of recruitment quality through data screening and candidate management functions.
  • Automated CV screening: quickly select suitable CVs and eliminate those that do not meet the standard.
  • Using a candidate relationship management (CRM) system: enhancing the candidate experience, storing information about potential candidates for passive recruitment.
  • Automated email system: saving time sending notification and confirmation emails.

eDMS – Document management system

The term “paperless office” is no longer unfamiliar to businesses in the Digital World. This trend has led to the development of smart document management software that helps store and classify documents, allowing businesses to use them more efficiently.
Benefits of using document management software in businesses:
  • Saving time searching for documents as users can easily find them on the system when they are classified according to specific information fields.
  • Avoiding the risk of losing documents when everything is digitized and stored for life.
  • Increasing security for important documents with permission-based access for each user role.
  • Collaboration with partners and colleagues becomes easier when documents can be accessed from any device, anytime, and anywhere.
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