Camly Academy
This platform helps to connect and share the knowledge of mankind. Successful and valuable people will always pay attention to cultivate knowledge and wisdom also want to share their knowledge with the community.

Camly academy has a mission to help schools and enterprises have more tools and means to teach and training. Similarly, businesses also have a need to transfer knowledge and experience to their candidates and employees.

In particular, the platform is free to use and also has a donate tool for users to donate money to each other when learners get the benefits from the courses


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The challenge

Scaling & Performance: Camly Academy platform was created to serve 10M users in over the world.

Livestream technologies: The system provide livestream solution for trainer to help interactive training course

Engagement: We help Camly Group to engage end-user (learner & trainer) stay with platform & contribute for beautiful world.


Performance & scaling:

  • Micro-service
  • Replica database solution.


  • Using gamification theory
  • eConomy system platform
  • Share to earn , learn to earn