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Thu Duc District, HCM City, Vietnam
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    We specializes in using eCommerce open source and agile platform, together with its large selection of high quality extensions to grant merchants full control of their content, functionality, and experience.


    We can integrate with any payment method which can help you to reduce bounce sales rate.

    Stripe Common payment method in all the world

    VNPay Leading Vietnamese retail payment

    Paypal Popular global payment gateway

    MOMO Top Trending Vietnamese mobile payment




    Giao Hang Nhanh


    We can integrate with online Shipping method which can help to delivery your products into your customers.


    From our experience, we can provide solution with your eCommerce to increase your sales and customer experience.

    eCommerce Consultant

    Concept & Design

    Data Driven Tracking


    KiotViet KiotViet

    SAP B1 SAP Business 1

    Navision Navision

    Mamut Mamut


    We can help you to reduce workload with your internal ERP system and automate your sales

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      eCommerce Knowledge

      A/B Testing with your eCommerce
      eCommerce Drop with GA
      Traffic Drop Analytics with GA
      Tracking eCommerce Data with Google Analytics
      Embedded your Messenger Widget with your website

      you want to improve your support workflow on your website with Messenger Widget

      Optimize images with JPEG/PNG

      You are wondering about your images size can flood your server disk space and doesn’t want to optimize one by one image.So, you can use JpegOptim and PngOptim tool now on CentOS & Ubuntu.

      Magento II – Common Commands

      The basic concept of blockchain is quite simple: a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records. However, it is easy to get mixed up as usually when we talk about blockchains we also talk about the problems we are trying to solve with them